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Hey Beautiful, 

Being Attractive is your birthright. Attracting your mate, your money and your big dreams is all about owning your strengths, walking and talking from that place of confidence. Because, when you live from that place, the whole world greets you as such. 

As a certified yoga instructor, workshop leader, and integrative life coach, I work to bring you up to speed with who you really are. It's simply a matter of coming into alignment with what already is. I see who you are and I hold you to that standard.

If you're ready to prioritize your most attractive state of Being, let's schedule a brief introduction call and see how I can best support your process.

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One-on-one coaching, yoga instruction, workshops & retreats


integrative Life coaching

Sessions catered to your needs. Blending conscious conversation, meditation and body movement, we get your life moving in the direction of your goals and dreams. 

Yoga Instruction

Private sessions and community classes. Creating more ease and flow in your day-to-day life while cultivating tone and flexibility in the body through Vinyasa flow and restorative.

Workshops & Retreats

Pre-designed workshops and custom curriculums tailored for your event. Developing insight and gaining clarity while bringing participants into deeper levels of authenticity and growth in a high vibrational group setting.

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About Madeleine

Madeleine has been practicing yoga for twelve years, and teaching and coaching for over three. She lives and breathes the practice moment to moment. Madeleine is Most curious about studying what makes us attractive, captivating, and lit up from the inside out. Madeleine has a unique gift to meet you where you are and hold you to the standard of your potential so that you may uncover your best life ever, one breath at a time.

Madeleine trained with Marni Task in her Jivasara teacher training beginning in 2013. The training encompassed both Jivamukti and Anusara styles, as Marni is certified in both. The Jivasara training emphasized the importance of compassion, consistency, humility, strength and devotion.

Madeleine acknowledges that she is uplifted by Marni Task, Marni's teachers Sharron Gannon and David Life, and on and on down the ancestral latter. Madeleine carries this knowledge with gratitude, respect and responsibility to those that came before her, and knows there is always more to comprehend and integrate in this beautiful 5,000 year old science. 


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Teaching Hours

Monday 12:15-1:15pm Level 2/3 flow

Mon& Wed 7:30-8:45pm level 1

Tue&Thu 8-9:15pm all levels flow

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