A year end Meditation, my gift to you <3

Happy Holidays :)

I am so very grateful for you. If you have opened this, and signed up to receive these little notes from me, you are part of my community. You bring such inspiration, hope and love into my life and I wish you a very merry and bright season this holiday. 
I also understand that holidays can bring out more than just the cheery side of us and others. I want to encourage you even during these times to remain in that connection with yourself.
 I recorded this video meditation for you. I kept it under 5 minutes so it's super do-able, you've definitely got 5 minutes to spare for yourself ;). 

In this video you will;
- get centered
- review and gain a perspective of gratitude on your past year.
- look to the year ahead with that same gratitude and appreciation
- be prompted to start brainstorming your focus for 2018, so that when January 1st rolls around you can step into that clear focus right along with it .

(If you want to spend more time connecting in to what your soul truly wants in 2018, I am leading a day long retreat in Topanga early January. More information below. )

So get into a comfortable seat, and press PLAY;

So much love and gratitude from my heart to yours!


P.s. If you are interested in learning more about the retreat, check out the event's page here;

Who You Are Always Matters

Have you seen the new Jim Carrey Documentary? It’s called “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond” and is, in essence, a conversation around Identity. I watched it the Wednesday before thanksgiving and afterwords went to go teach my level 1 class. On my way there I was reflecting on the documentary and was in a somewhat stoic state. I was thinking; 'When I step into that yoga studio, do I also step into the identity of “Madeleine the yoga instructor”? Do I want to? Who defined the Identity of “Madeleine the yoga instructor” was it me? Did I except definitions from students? Peers? Mentors?' 

I made the choice on the drive that I wanted to show up as real as possible for my students. I realized that when I step into Rising Lotus Yoga there is a shift in me. Because being there for others helps me uplift myself as well, and seeing all of you from my community I can’t help but feel more joyful. So I want to say THANK YOU for that gift :).

If at any time I connect with you and am not smiling, I have this loving message for you;

I wanted to share this as permission for you to not have to act any certain way you may feel constrained to. I want you to express yourself just as you are right now, and I want to meet you from that same level of authenticity. When we pretend to be something we are not authentically feeling in the moment, it sends an unconscious message to our psyche that it is not okay to feel/ be/ act that way.

And so, as gracefully as we can, may we express from the truth of ourselves in any given moment. Whether verbally, physically, energetically or hopefully all the above. To show to ourselves and each other, that it is okay to feel. It is okay to BE as we are.

Here’s to deeper connection as a result,

Caio Bella,

💋 Madeleine

The New Gratitude Practice

Whattup My loves,

In keeping with the spirit of this week, let us speak gratitude.

Gratitude is commonly talked about in relation to shifting our focus onto what is going “right” in the life. Which is intelligent because focusing on the positive aspects elevates our mood and balances our stress hormones .

What about when we have to see ‘that’ family member? What about when we have to drive ‘that’ commute? What about when we get unwelcome criticism?

It’s time to step up or gratitude practice and learn how to relate to all aspects of the life in appreciation. #levelup

Watch this short Vid where I explain this new level of gratitude practice;

Let me appeal to why leveling up is worth it; the more we are able to appreciate all aspects of the life, the easier it is to move through challenges and into experiencing the desire that those very challenges birth. We take the circumstances of our life out of separate piles of “good” and “bad” and understand that each step, each moment, plays a role in our evolution forward. Which makes the whole process much more enjoyable.

Here is the key; in order to move in the direction of what is wanted, we have to match the feeling of that desire. Which means we have to be happy before what is wanted can come. 

To do this we learn to appreciate! Appreciate is the same frequency as love, it elevates our state of being and appeals to our angelic nature. Not only does it feel good, studies have shown that practicing appreciation is linked to growth in the gray matter of our minds. 

We wouldn’t know the full extent of joy if we had never experienced the contrast of it, so we learn to take the inspiration from the challenge and appreciate whatever gold we were able to mine from the contrast.

I encourage you to focus forwards in an attitude of gratitude for all that has been with excitement for what is to come.

It’s going to be good.

Happy Thanks giving! In easeful appreciation of you lovely soul,



What Is Focus?

Relax into your seat and take in some inspiration on what focus is, how to cultivate it in your life, and how using this simple tool will enhance your experience in so many areas. 


Did you enjoy this Video? If so, my next event/ workshop, Focus, is going to be an oportunity to explore this subject even more and refine your skills at the practice. Click here to check it out

Lots of Love,


How to Observe What is and Let It Be

Imagine you are on a raft, floating down a river. The river represents the natural flow of life, the flow that wants to carry you downstream where all your deepest soul desires have been figured out and are ready for you to experience. In order to receive the satisfaction of these desires fullfilled, we must be present on our raft so we see when they are coming up! We also must allow the raft to carry us without getting attached to the part of the river (or life) we are experiencing in this moment. 

In this video I take a silly approach to diving into this metephor even more. Gain a deeper understanding of how to strike that balance between alert awareness and non attachment. (Hint: it has to do with our breath ;P).

Have fun with this one! 

<3 Madeleine