The New Gratitude Practice

Whattup My loves,

In keeping with the spirit of this week, let us speak gratitude.

Gratitude is commonly talked about in relation to shifting our focus onto what is going “right” in the life. Which is intelligent because focusing on the positive aspects elevates our mood and balances our stress hormones .

What about when we have to see ‘that’ family member? What about when we have to drive ‘that’ commute? What about when we get unwelcome criticism?

It’s time to step up or gratitude practice and learn how to relate to all aspects of the life in appreciation. #levelup

Watch this short Vid where I explain this new level of gratitude practice;

Let me appeal to why leveling up is worth it; the more we are able to appreciate all aspects of the life, the easier it is to move through challenges and into experiencing the desire that those very challenges birth. We take the circumstances of our life out of separate piles of “good” and “bad” and understand that each step, each moment, plays a role in our evolution forward. Which makes the whole process much more enjoyable.

Here is the key; in order to move in the direction of what is wanted, we have to match the feeling of that desire. Which means we have to be happy before what is wanted can come. 

To do this we learn to appreciate! Appreciate is the same frequency as love, it elevates our state of being and appeals to our angelic nature. Not only does it feel good, studies have shown that practicing appreciation is linked to growth in the gray matter of our minds. 

We wouldn’t know the full extent of joy if we had never experienced the contrast of it, so we learn to take the inspiration from the challenge and appreciate whatever gold we were able to mine from the contrast.

I encourage you to focus forwards in an attitude of gratitude for all that has been with excitement for what is to come.

It’s going to be good.

Happy Thanks giving! In easeful appreciation of you lovely soul,