A year end Meditation, my gift to you <3

Happy Holidays :)

I am so very grateful for you. If you have opened this, and signed up to receive these little notes from me, you are part of my community. You bring such inspiration, hope and love into my life and I wish you a very merry and bright season this holiday. 
I also understand that holidays can bring out more than just the cheery side of us and others. I want to encourage you even during these times to remain in that connection with yourself.
 I recorded this video meditation for you. I kept it under 5 minutes so it's super do-able, you've definitely got 5 minutes to spare for yourself ;). 

In this video you will;
- get centered
- review and gain a perspective of gratitude on your past year.
- look to the year ahead with that same gratitude and appreciation
- be prompted to start brainstorming your focus for 2018, so that when January 1st rolls around you can step into that clear focus right along with it .

(If you want to spend more time connecting in to what your soul truly wants in 2018, I am leading a day long retreat in Topanga early January. More information below. )

So get into a comfortable seat, and press PLAY;

So much love and gratitude from my heart to yours!


P.s. If you are interested in learning more about the retreat, check out the event's page here;